Monday, October 12, 2009

To Keep or Not to Keep?

I bought this sweater from Old Navy in red and cannot for the life of me decide if I should keep it. On one hand, the style is good, the price is right, but I just can't decide. What do you guys think?

Also, I recently discovered leave in conditioner and a round brush. I know that I'm slow to the blowout curve (like 10 years slow) but this week I decided to try and master it and I must say that today was my best hair day in a good long while. First I washed my hair, then I took a dime sized amount of Bumble & Bumble's leave in conditioner and mixed with a pea sized amount of shine serum and ran it through my damp hair, combing it through. I also used a tiny amount of ghd fat hair lotion at the roots to give it some oomph.
Next I flipped my hair and dried it by 85%, next I divided my hair in sections and started using the round brush (I confess, I had to google a few videos on YouTube to figure out how to do this), Finally, I set my hair in about 8 velcro rollers all over to help give some movement and volume.
It feels so soft and looked shiny and great all day. Very happy with these new products/skill set.


Elaine said...

I know I'm no fashionista--especially as of post-baby--but I like the sweater. Since the one you have is red it could be a good accent for a more plain day--I'm thinking jeans or camel trousers and a white top with that sweater and some sassy shoes. As far as the hair goes--I'm SO jealous. I have yet to attempt, let alone master, the blowout. It may be a skill that goes on hold until I can shower and get dressed without a child clutching to my leg.

Janet said...

Love the style of the sweater! I always find it hard to justify fall clothing when it's still warm outside - but it's not our fault we live in Texas and the stores are full of cute, fall styles.

Jill said...

i think it's a keeper. seems like a sweater that would be good to throw on for work or on a lazy saturday. i'm a fan.