Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekend Recap

Took Friday off of work to study in the morning before my test. The test went okay, there was some material on there I wasn't expecting and that wasn't addressed in the study guide I bought (which is pretty much the only one that exists and is terrible). So, to say I will be making a repeat appearance, would not be an unrealistic statement. Oh well, the stuff I did prep for, I blew out of the water, so I guess now that I've seen it, I can be ready for next time. But keep your fingers crossed that there isn't a next time.

We celebrated that night by Darryl throwing a fajitas and ritas party at our house (which I have no pictures of because I had a heavy emphasis on the ritas...) We definitely had a good time and a surprisingly good turnout despite it being ACL weekend. It was great to relax with the friends I've been neglecting for the past few months.
Saturday we slept in and then went out to car shop. We came home with a nice little Lexus, I cannot get enough of the Lexus smell. Every luxury brand has their own specific leather odor. I decided that I liked both the feel and smell of the Lexus the best. Plus it has about every safety feature known to man, I feel like I'm riding around in a very fast cocoon of airbags. Given the rain all weekend, I haven't had a chance to really open it up, but it was the only car we test drove that was so fast I was actually afraid to redline it.
Buying the car took up most of our afternoon and I learned that buying a car is a total beating but I was very impressed at Darryl's negotiation skills. I specifically wanted to be there to see him in action and I think I learned a thing or two. Saturday night we were exhausted from our automobile adventure, so we stayed in and went to bed early.
Sunday, we did chores, ran errands and basically laid around the house since it was pouring all day. As much as I like ACL, we were glad we sold our tickets, I think I would have made it through one day before I was like, ef this, I'm going home and laying on my couch where it is dry and not muddy.

Now I'm waiting for the kitchen floor to dry (had to mop, margarita parties leave you with sticky, salty floors) and cooking up some short ribs with penne pasta for dinner. Then I think the hubs and I are going to go work out.


Christine said...

Love the new car! Can't wait to drive around in it with you! Looking hot and skinny like! I gave you an award on my blog.

Jill said...

yay for the new car!!