Monday, November 16, 2009

New Music Monday

Before I start on my newest music finds, a fashion anecdote. Went to lunch with coworkers and the belt on my cardigan spontaneously fell off while I was moving a chair, onto the floor. Cue awkward reaching down to rebelt. FML.

In other news I recently bought the Glee soundtrack. Good listening at my desk. Here's a list of my latest iPod downloads:

Anya Marina's Whatever You Like, very mellow, picked it up off Gossip Girl

The Plastiscines Bitch, another GG find

Ke$sha TiK ToK, been on the radio a lot

Owl City Vanilla Twilight, love Fireflies, so I gave this song a try

Tim McGraw Southern Voice, because this man can do no wrong, so sexy
Happy Listening!

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