Monday, December 21, 2009

Confession Monday

We haven't done this one in a while. Here are my confessions as of late:

1) Went to see Avatar in 3D with the hubs. Was expecting to be about the same demographic you'd find at Fry's on a Saturday night, the general population reeking of BO and virginity. It wasn't as bad as I was expecting, while I don't think the movie lived up to Darryl's hype (ie this movie will change movies forever), it was good and will certainly be up for many awards. Not a complete waste of my evening and I think seeing it in IMAX 3D was pretty clutch. While I may not recommend running out and seeing this movie, seeing it in IMAX 3D is definitely worth it. Why do I not see more movies like this? Do it. If you must be dragged into this film, it's the only way to do it.

2) I've been contemplating a trip to Thailand since Darryl seems to have a business trip coming up there in the spring at some point. I figure we'll bum around for about a week after he's done with his business? But I know very little about Thailand and have no idea how to plan a trip of find a travel agent or tour package, etc. Anyone have good ideas on where to start?

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Janet said...

I like 3-D movies, you should see the Christmas Carol, it was really cute!

For Thailand ask Cami (Chase's sis) - she lived there for a bit and knows a ton about it! All I know is that the last Road Rules was there ;-)