Monday, December 28, 2009

Confession Monday

#1.  I'm kinda pleased with my cooking skills.  Behold my chicken in white wine sauce.  It simmers as we speak.

#2.  This morning for breakfast I crammed lunch meat and cheese (none of which was low fat) into my face while standing at the kitchen counter, then washed it down with a Christmas chocolate.  Then went to work with a tummy ache, wtf was I thinking?  At least I stayed on track the rest of the day...unless you count the second chocolate and 3 Christmas cookies I ate after work.  But I went to the gym and swam laps, I don't need your judgement!

#3.  I briefly considered blogging at work today, a big nono in my book because I was so bored.  I have stuff to do, it's just kinda dull.  So instead I made a cup of tea and gossiped with a coworker met with a coworker for 30 minutes instead.

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Christine said...

I know I wish I could cook like you. I find that I have fallen out of the habit of going home and cooking. I have since gained five pounds. Coincidence I think not.