Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Santa Baby

While this is widely accepted as the most materialistic Christmas song, it's by far my favorite. I know, I know, but it's so perfect. "Santa Baby come trim my tree, with decorations bought at Tiffany's..." It's a perfect reflection of all the things I came to wish Santa would bring me as a grown woman.

But I digress... I give you my 2009 wish list, which consists mostly of clothes. When you're a newlywed, the last thing you really need is more housewares and I'm really enjoying all the pretty clothes that are around right now, might as well get some new duds?

From Anthropologie, above and below, I put the black top and red skystone necklace on my list for my sister-in-law (we draw names in Darryl's family).
From my parents, I asked for this Francis Heart cami from JCrew and for the In a Moment dress from Anthro below. Kate brought this adorable number to my attention in her blog. I can't pull off yellow, but I found it in purple in the store and it's quite adorable.
From Darryl I asked for the dress above from Banana and the wind-rippled tee below from Antrhro. I love the dress and want to wear it with a red skinny belt and hopefully my new red necklace. Notice the lumpyness around the hip area. Isn't trying on clothes without the proper undergarments a bitch? I'm thinking a pair of Spanx Tight End tights will clean these lines up. It's a little tighter than I'd normally wear, so industrial strength foundation garments are going to be a must. Not feeling optimistic about the blouse below, sounded like D had some trouble finding my size....or is he just trying to throw me off....


Kate said...

I got the skystone necklace from Evs' parents for Christmas last weekend! I'm wearing it tomorrow with my Christmas Eve outfit - its fabulous! Love the rest of your picks!!!

Jill said...

cuuuute choices! i'm totally loving that necklace!