Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekend Recap

Darryl and I sidestepped our usual Friday night workout in favor of Kerbey Lane and running errands.  We got a swell ottoman for the foot of our bed at Target that conveniently matched the leather on our new headboard.  The whole point was to make it easier for Petey to get up on our bed on his own.  We put it at the foot of the bed, tried to coax him onto it, he hops straight onto the bed from the floor.  Turns out he's been able to do it all along...and has been rubbing it in our faces all weekend, leaping onto the bed in a single bound.  Oh well, at least we have somewhere to sit while we put on our shoes.

Had an amazing brunch with a group of blog ladies including:


 at Sagra.  The food was amazing, the company was even better.  I wish we could do that every weekend!  Saturday afternoon I went to a clothing swap with a very cool bunch of ladies and got a couple cool finds, Saturday night Darryl and I went out for sushi and then hung out with friends.

Darryl made pancakes, we went to the gym, and then I worked the rest of the day.  I picked up a rental vehicle for work, who, I ask, installs satellite radio but fails to include cruise control?  I had a 4 hour drive.  On one hand I was highly entertained.  On the other, I had to keep checking my speed every 5 seconds which wasn't really so bad.  Also, things I do not understand, satellite radio in general.  I was flipping around stations and the pop stations bleep every bad word (seems like if you're paying extra your swears should be included) and then the Playboy station and the Howard Stern stations were dropping F-bombs in every sentance.  Why bleep "shit" if you're going to allow the graphic content on the other aforementioned stations?  I mean it was graph-ic.  Yet we're playing "Sexy Chic" on the pop station?  WTF?


Vic said...

Haha, I love that your dog played a joke on you re: the ottoman! I had such a great time at brunch Saturday. Was good to see you again. We'll have to plan another HH!

Kelly said...

Brunch was amazing! We definitely need to all get together soon.

Farrell said...

Glad you were listening

Farrell (the guy wgho runs playboy radio)

hiero said...

absolutely tragic if anything great and fun in life that we do doesn't involve food =)
hey, I'll be in Austin this Fri for recruiting, still haven't figured the weekend out, but let me know if you're up for some eats!