Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekend Recap

Attempted to go for a run after work to blow off some steam.  Made it half a mile before my blister started giving me problems.  Stormed off the tredmill, purchased 2 boxes of blister dressing and a bottle of wine.  Drinking hiatus, fail.  Went over to Christine's place for dinner and ladies movie night. 
(stole this from Christine's blog)

Ran the trail at Town Lake, procured fabulous hot pink mini dress (on sale) in the new phase of the Domain, then I took a nice long disco nap with Petey.  Met a group of 9 gals met up at La Condessa for a yummy dinner followed by a night of bar hopping and dancing our fannies off.  No photographs though, everywhere we went was darkly lit and my iPhone couldn't handle it. 

Woke up only mildly hung over, stayed in bed as long as possible and then went downtown to meet Elizabeth for brunch at Moonshine.  The wait was long, but the meal was worth it and the company was the best part.  So wonderful to spend time with E, whom I have not seen since....the fall some time?  Must do it again soon!  Then I ran some errands, bought groceries, planned a fabulous meal of Shepard's Pie to welcome home my husband from his skiing adventure.  The meal didn't exactly happen....he came home and wanted Kerbey Lane and I wanted to get out of the kitchen and spend time with him and watch the Oscars, so to Kerbey we went.  Looking forward to the week and my date with the hubs tomorrow night to see John Mayer!


Amanda @ Bits and Pieces said...

You will have to let me know how John Mayer is! We're going March 23.

rena said...

I miss Moonshine!

Vic said...

When did you hit the trail? I was there around 8:30 Saturday morning and saw a swan on the trail. Just like hanging out. It was a riot!

Janet said...

It was fun, so good to hang out with the ladies! Next time we'll have to find the pole :-)