Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend Recap

Headed over to Darryl's brother's house for a meal with the family.  The parents-in-law were there as well as some aunts so we had a nice little evening hanging out with everyone.

Took both dogs to obedience training, grabbed some lunch with the hubs, ran errands, and had a fantastic legs work out at the gym.  Spent the evening playing poker at a friend's house.  I probably played the best game of my life, stayed in for about 3 hours and won some good hands with nice pots.  Alas, I went home with my wallet $10 lighter.

Talked myself out of bed and onto the trail.  Ran a 5 mile loop, nearly perished in the wind tunnel that is the pedestrian bridge under Mopac.  My Nike+ chip said I ran 5.5, maybe some extra milage from me weaving around?  Hard to tell, probably could stand to re-calibrate the thing.  But it was my longest and fastest Cap 10k training run, so I was happy.  Met up with Darryl's family again for lunch at Hoover's (Hamsteak with Jezabel sauce, order it and thank me later).  The rest of Sunday was spent on yard work, grocery shopping, and resting my tired little legs!

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Janet said...

You sound ready for this race, I think you are going to kick your last year's times ass!