Monday, April 26, 2010

How Do You Unwind?

I find myself sitting on the back porch on Monday morning at 7 PM during a time where I usually am at yoga, decompressing from the suckyness that is Monday.  But tonight I decided a different tactic, I'm enjoying a sparkling water, sitting on my back patio, enjoying my fabulous yard, a cool breeze and the occasional vamping for back scratches from two terriers while I listen to Bob Marley on the Live365 Putumayo channel (if you didn't know this about me, this station is perpetually on in my house, I adore it).  Just prior to this, I watched one of the best episodes of Mad Men ever (this is my latest passion, btw, start watching Mad Men, you can thank me later).  It made me both gasp and laugh out loud (Season 3 "A Guy Walks Into an Ad Agency").

Work is frustrating right now, so I think it's imperative that we take time out of our lives to just sit and watch the yard of the house that we worked so hard to buy and play with the pups that we had to save up to be able to afford to get.    Yes, I'm probably going to spend a good chunk of tonight working and doing chores, but I am having my 2 hours of zen.  No phonecalls.  No stress.  Just shed my work clothes for baggy pants and a t-shirt and clear my mind of the day and appreciate my surroundings.  And maybe I was kinda stressed out all day, but right now, I'm not going to be anything but happy.


Emily @ Longley's in San Diego said...

Now that's a way to end the day!

Miss M! said...

OMG - is that the one with the lawnmower? Have you seen the peep diorama of that episode? Hilarious!