Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I've Discovered I Love Spaaaaaahs!

Now, this may seem like a ridiculous title, spas?  What's not to like?  When I came home from the girls' spa weekend (of which my husband spent resurfacing the kitchen ceiling, WHAT A GOOD DEAL FOR ME!) and announced to Darryl that I loved spas he laughed at me and said "That's like saying, 'Hey, I just realized I love diamonds, wheeee".

So to give you some background, I'm a thrifty spa-goer.  I get facials, waxing, and massaging but I space it out and always go to more economically minded facilities.  Even the fancier spas I've been to I just showed up, got my service and scooted afterwards.  I could never understand why it was so great to have "spa admission included" when I was getting a massage or pedicure.  On our honeymoon at Sandals they had lovely spa facilities, seems like we should have lounged in a Jamaican whirlpool prior to our couples massage or something.  But I never saw the point (also, I do NOT do hot tubs in foreign countries, you could totally get scarlet fever, it happened to someone I knew).

We had our visit at the spa at the Houstonian (in Houstion, obvs) and I slipped into my bathing suit, robe, and slippers.  We had a yummy lunch with lots of fun conversation and wine and then I had my first massage augmented by aromatherapy, which was delightful but I'm certainly of the opinion that ALL massages should have that service and not be an "added amenity", however, the massage world would seem to disagree.

Then the other gals were tied up in more services for the next couple hours (the last thing Darryl yelled at me as I headed out the door was to "not go nuts at the spa" so I cozied up with my latest book.  First I rinsed myself in the rain shower, then I got into the hot tub.  I was perplexed at the tub of water by the hot tub and almost plucked a cucumber out of the ice bath and ate it (what is WRONG with me, how is that my first impulse?) but settled on ice cold cucumbers on my eyes and a cool ice cloth on my neck were a lovely contrast in the hot tub.  Next I attempted the sauna.  I tried to read a full chapter of my book while I was in there, but the ceiling kept dripping on my pages.  Plus my robe was getting soaked because I didn't want to leave it outside where some drifter could just make off with it (note that random drifters and hobos are not common occurrences at high end Houston spas).  So I came back out and laid by the pool, enjoyed fruit and fruit juices, teas, etc as I read my delightful book.  The time FLEW, I was so disappointed to leave.  I could have sat there for 3 more hours.  Who knew?

So now I'm looking for some good digs in the Austin area because I think everyone needs a trip to the spa once a year.  I'm thinking the Lake Austin spa is too rich for my blood, but I've heard good things about Lost Pines? 

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Christine said...

I am so glad you had a great time at the Houstonian. I was super bummed we dis not have like all day there to sleep in the napping room and then soak in the hot tub. I would for sure be down for another spa day here in Austin. You just let me know what you are thinking!

What about Mecca?