Sunday, August 8, 2010

Weekend Recap

Came home from work and gleefully packed my new gym bag, procured from the Vera Bradley's website half off sale.  Normally I think that stuff is grossly overpriced but I have a purse from there that I use to travel and I find the use of pockets and washability of them makes up for the fact that they look like my grandma's quilt.  Plus the whole 50% off thing putt them right at the price point that I think they should be to begin with.

So I opened the box and before stuffing it full of my gym goodies, I did what every normal pet owner does, stuffed Ginger in it and walked around the house with her.

Petey was not chosen for this mission because A) he's been known to pee himself ALL THE TIME for no good reason and B) he usually has poop stuck to his butt and we hadn't done a "clingon" inspection that day.  Ginger somehow manages to keep her pooper pristine, so in the bag she went.  Now I don't know where I'd go with either dog in a bag, but I'm sleeping easier knowing that I now have that option, however, for now, the bag is occupied by my swimming gear.

So Friday night we went to dinner with a coworker and his wife and then they came back to the house to see our fabulous new kitchen and have a few drinks. 

The next morning I had an 8:30 hair appointment, which was lovely and relaxing.  I got to sit and sip my coffee while reading Such A Pretty Fat (Jen Lancaster is my new literary obsession, but that's for another post) while my hair processed.  Then I ran up to the jeweler to get my ring inspected and cleaned followed by a brief jaunt to a nearby farmers market.  It's so hot, there's not a lot interesting going on in the way of produce, but I was more interested in the meat.  I came away with a couple of steaks, some snapper fillets, and some vegan mushroom tamales which I ate for lunch.  After some chores around the house and a trip to the gym we headed to a friends housewarming party. 

We slept in until 11, which is uncharacteristic for us, but felt so good because we've had to get up early most recent weekends.  I cooked us up some lunch and we went to Home Depot to grab a couple things for the house and get some gardening supplies.  We filled our afternoon with me turning over one of my garden beds (1 down, 2 to go) and planting it full of flower seeds.  I planted cornflowers, cosmos, zinnias, and baby's breath.  I'm hoping for a nice fall cutting garden.  I also ordered some stock and snapdragon seeds due to come in next week that I'll add to the mix.   I absolutely love having the ability to cut my own flowers and make my own bouquets just from things I have growing in my own back yard. 

Afterwards I helped Darryl groom Petey.  We decided to attempt to groom our dog ourselves.  Cairns are a tricky breed and while we may have saved ourselves $50, it was time consuming and he looks pretty stupid.  Especially since I cut one side of his face shorter than the other, now he looks like a goofy Picasso painting with a crooked face or something.  And to make matters worse, we nicked his ear, though I think I was more traumatized than him from the whole experience, plus we still have to pay someone to trim his nails.  I draw the line at cutting nails.  Anyways, I'm sure we'd get better with more practice and his fur grows out extremely fast, but I don't think we'll do that again.  Plus coming in soaked in sweat from working in the garden to grooming a dog was a recipe for dog fur stuck all over my sweaty legs. 

Sunday night I made a batch of my turkey artichoke stuffed shells with spicy marinara sauce and put them in the freezer to have on hand for nights where I didn't feel like cooking or hadn't been to the grocery store.  For dinner we grilled one of the steaks that I bought at the farmers market, it was a great steak, I highly recommend 6J ranch.


Tiffany said...

'clingon' is hilarious! My little shih tzu used to have clingon's all the time. Luckily new puppy keeps his pristine as well.

I'm with you on the VB - I LOVE it and try to grab it when it is on sale. Cute bag! I love that pattern.

Amanda @ Bits & Pieces said...

We used Presidential Limo. It was a flat $130, including champagne and gratuity, from the airport to Mirage. 14 passenger SUV limo.