Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekend Recap

I was able to sneak out of work a bit early and get my highlights touched up.  Enjoyed taking some "me" time to sit and read while my hair processed.  Then I ran some errands to get some accessories to go with my bridesmaid dress for next weekend.  Friday night Darryl and I had a lovely date at Andiamo in north Austin.  I highly recommend it, it's very unassuming in a crappy looking strip mall but inside is a great place for a date and some AMAZING Italian food.  We shared a bottle of wine and I had the shrimp, asparagus, and pea risotto and Darryl had the veal ravioli.  Their bread is fantastic, I think we downed a loaf each and the cannoli and espresso for dessert were perfect.  We came home stuffed to the gills and did what any newlywed couple does after a romantic night out, we watched Man Woman Wild with Myke Hawk (say it out loud over and over a few times and see what it sounds like, cracks me up because I'm SO mature).

Saturday I tried to get all my chores done while Darryl went out on a boat with friends on Lake Travis.  While I was working around the house I enjoyed my new Bath and Body Works candles, one called Fall Leaves and one called Autumn, which smell divine!  Saturday night I met the gang at Carlos & Charlies for some yummy fajitas.

I woke up and made my famous sausage and Gorgonzola stuffed mushrooms for our fantasy football draft party later in the day.  After some breakfast (just tried chocolate cheerios, yummy!) the hubs and I headed to Old Navy to use our 30% off coupon and stock up on some basics for fall.  Of my finds, I got the sweater below.
Seems perfect for shopping or touring wineries on a brisk fall day paired with some skinny jeans and brown boots, yes?

Then I headed over to my coworker's house for our fantasy football draft party, which was actually pretty fun (confession: was dreading it) but everyone was really nice, the snacks were yummy and I was sad I had to go all early.  I had to duck out in round 13 to go interview a lady who wants to adopt a dog from Petey and Ginger's rescue group and tour her place to make sure it's a suitable home for a rescued pup.

Saturday night was full of iced tea and fresh mango, clean laundry and the Emmys!  Can't wait for all the fall shows to start! 


Kate said...

Do you watch The Soup? Joel McHale's new favorite bit seems to be Myke Hawk - and it's HYSTERICAL!

Also? Our title company dude's name is Mike Huntsucker. No shit.

Amanda @ Bits & Pieces said...

Loooove the Leaves candle from BBW. Just stocked up on a few of them myself! cute sweater too, I debated over it in green on Saturday but ended up not getting. I just might regret.