Monday, October 18, 2010

I'm Leaving Las Vegas, Lights So Bright, Palm Sweat, Blackjack on a Saturday Night

Day 4, most of our traveling companions departed on a noon flight back to Austin. Me, being of the die hard Vegas persuasion was trying to suck the last bit of Vegas that could be had out of the weekend so Sunday we went downtown and did some gambling on Freemont Street at some of our favorite gambling haunts, Binions, The Golden Nugget, and the Golden Gate. I had my 99 cent margarita and we even got comped free shrimp cocktails ($1.99 value, woooooo, firt time to get comped!) based on our game play at the Golden Gate. We played craps for a few hours there, Wizard of Oz at the Golden Nugget, and finally blackjack at Binions. By the time 3 PM rolled around, I was broke, exhausted, and finally tapped out on Vegas, so we gathered our belongings and got out of town.
Vegas continues to be my favorite vacation spot and going with the other couples allowed me to experience it in a whole different way. When I first started planning this trip, it was just for the two of us but Darryl convinced me to get others to go. I think he was absolutely right, had a great time and I hope our next trip isn't too far in the future!

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