Monday, January 10, 2011

Let's See How those Goals are Going, Shall We?

1.  I will go to the gym at least one day a week during my lunch break.  Fail.  Not. Even. Close.  I did MOW instead.  Yes, that sounds like a great excuse....

2.  I will abstain from alcohol except for during my birthday celebration and a couple other celebrations already on my calendar. There will be no heavy drinking on Friday nights.  Fail.  Drinking a beer now.  But I have not been drinking heavily, soooo better than nothing?

3.  I will run at least 3 miles every Saturday morning.  I had every intention of going this weekend, but it was raining, and Cedar-y.

4.  I will swim one mile a week.  I can't even qualify this, fail.

5.  I will go to Body Pump one day a week.  See explanation for #4.

6.  I will give up TV every other week. Success!  Also proof that I can only exhibit willpower in one area of life at a time!  Hooray!  I'm totally going to keep doing this, a week flies by and it's great to have more free time to do more meaningful things, I recommend it!  Just don't try to be disciplined about anything else at the same time.  ::Sigh::

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Jen said...

this entire post gets a hilarious thumbs up from me.