Sunday, January 2, 2011

Television Experiment

I'm trying a new experiment where I only watch TV every other week.  Today is Day 1 of my TV off week.  All my shows will DVR, they'll be there for me next week, I can watch them if they're on my iPhone and I'm doing cardio and watching them at the gym but otherwise, they're off limits.  My goal is to stop the mindless lying around and increase my productivity.  How have I done so far?  Well, I'm bored.  I'm bored when I watch TV too, but this kind of bored is more boring-ey.  Here's what I did today:
  • Slept late until husband cooked me pancakes for breakfast.
  • Ran 3 miles and change down at Town Lake
  • Went to the Container Store for my bathroom organization project
  • Went to Whole Foods for lemons, came out with lemons and a big bag of other groceries and flowers (pink snapdragons, like the ones we had lining the pews in buckets in the church where we got married)
  • Sidedressed my cauliflower and broccoli plants with fertilizer (still not producing, looks like we're heading for a fail on those this season)
  • Trimmed a roast, marinaded it, and put it in the crockpot (Char Siu pork, yummmm)
  • Cleaned the kitchen
  • Read half of Real Simple's January issue
  • Took a shower to get the pollen off me from my run
  • Cleaned out the cedar pollen from my nose with my new neti pot
  • Took some vitamins
  • Ate some leftover homemade broccoli cheese soup
  • Ate some fruit
  • Listened to some podcasts
  • Emailed the podcast hosts about their show
  • Wrote this blog
  • Checked Facebook
  • Played with the dogs
Whew, I am super bored.  But the thing is, there isn't anything actually on my TV that I'm missing out on.  There are no shows on today (besides football, which since my Fantasy League is over, I'm less interested in), so why is sitting here not watching TV so painful? 

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