Sunday, February 20, 2011

Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens...Dreadful Weekend Recap

I've provided a photo of some happy little daffodils from my garden.  I have a couple of vases like this throughout the house.  These sunny little beauties are one of my favorite things about February, they pop up around Valentine's Day each year.  So in case my Valentine should forget to bring me flowers (he didn't forget) my garden will. 

Now in the scheme of things (war, famine, poverty) this weekend is hardly dreadful.  But has anyone had a bitch of a week at work (just spread thin, stressed out, overwhelmed) and you just want to relax and get ahead on your chores and work on the weekend?  These are just not the kind of things you want to deal with.  And I did get to spend some lovely time with friends and at the salon.  Without these bright spots I would be pulling my hair out. 

Darryl went out with some friends so I happily crashed on the couch, ate leftovers and cleaned out my DVR.  I love Friday night veg time.  However, midst vegging in front of the TV and surfing trashy celebrity gossip sites, I managed to get a computer virus from one of the websites on my personal laptop.  I had gotten a similar malware virus on my work laptop from Facebook, so not my first rodeo with this kind of virus removal (yes, I have a regularly updated virus protection program on both machines, consider yourself warned)  but it was still time consuming and frustrating.  While I was in the throes of removing this virus from my machine, Petey decided to mosey into the bedroom, crawl onto my bedside table, retrieve my plastic retainer and chew it up into tiny little bits, swallowing half of them.  Now I get to pay $300 to have a new one made.  Thankfully, Petey was fine.

I ran some errands and got my hair cut and colored at the salon while I finished Jen Lancaster's Pretty In Plaid.  To round out the day I thought I'd stop at Jiffy Lube for an oil change.  I typically take my car to the dealer for everything, but I thought, it's convenient, why not. 

So I'm sitting there and my oil change is taking a loooong time.  The assistant manager comes in to tell me that they didn't have the right oil filter in stock so they ran down to AutoZone to grab a new one.  That one was out too, so they had to go to another one.  While this is all going on, unbeknownst to me, (I couldn't see my car from where I was waiting), they had left my headlights and all my interior accessories (radio, etc) and completely drained my battery.  AND they still charged me for the oil change.  Thanks for totally ripping me off and destroying my battery, ass hats.  I left a message for the district manager requesting reimbursement for both.  I mean, okay, the tech that drove my car into the oil change bay messed up, but what about ALL the other techs that walked back and forth in front of my car (it was in the bay closest to the waiting room) with its lights on and did nothing.  So.  Freaking.  Pissed.  Then they had the audacity to say that there was something wrong with my car and that it was experiencing an electrical "failure" and that they couldn't try jump starting it.  Calls made to Lexus customer service (love them) who confirmed that Jiffy Lube had drained my battery.  Then my husband had to come down and jump start my car.  Aren't you guys mechanics?  Why can an engineer and a geologist figure this out and you can't?!? 

Saturday night was nice, had dinner with friends which helped me take my mind off my rage.

Sunday morning I woke up and of course my car wouldn't start thanks to Jiffy Lube's complete decimation of my battery.  I went to brunch with friends in Darryl's car, tried to jump start my car again unsuccessfully so Darryl spent some quality time being sweet and replacing my battery while I spent quality time cleaning the house.  Sigh.  With weekends like these, it makes me long for the work week.  Hope your weekend was better than mine! 


hiero said...

mmm, they better reimburse you for that battery you had to purchase! Be VERY persistent considering the battery died once again and next time don't jump start the car more than a couple of times before just replacing the battery. (sounds like that's what you did, but just a heads up) I don't like jumpstarting more than once unless you're in dire straights. Let me know how it goes crips!

Surviving Suburbia said...

Damn jiffy lube!