Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Swimsuit for Summer!

Is it weird that I dream of a one piece swimsuit?  Growing up all I wanted was a bikini.  Now that I'm grown, I wouldn't mind throwing a one piece in the mix....not to hide my figure per se, I just think it might be a nice change.  Suit is from JCrew.

How hot is this suit?  I actually bought it and the hubs made me return it.  It was at a time when I was a bit heavier, yes and the thought of wearing a two piece made me want to die.  But we were going to Mexico and I didn't know anyone there anyways.  Suit is from Victoria's Secret.

 Here's another sweet option from JCrew...
But alas, this is probably what I'll invest in for this summer.  I've always wanted a black suit and I suppose so long as I only have one ass instead of two, I should embrace the years that I can reasonably wear a two piece.  I am doing that redic situp challenge.  If it actually impacts my abs, it would be a shame for people to not see that....which reminds me, I should totally do an ab post....I'm very picky about them.....coming soon to a blog near you, Kelly judges other people she doesn't know's abs!

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