Friday, April 1, 2011

Abs for Summer

So I've been doing a lot of situps lately, not sure if it'll make much of a difference since I'm not doing much cardio with it, but still, strengthening my core.  Summer's right around the corner and if it gives me a flatter tummy or less love handles (oh lord, love handles are so my nemisis) for swimsuit season, I'm not going to mind at all. The other day I realized I'm super picky about lady abs, is that weird?  They can't be too skinny or too muscular.  I hate seeing all the skelators with concave stomachs and weird belly buttons running in their sports bras on Town Lake.  I mean, good for them, they are slim, but I wouldn't want my body to look that boyish.  Then there's the other extreme, ladies with a visible 6 pack.  Or 4 pack.  Or 2 pack.  I want a no pack.

These are too boyish, and I can see visible definition of the muscles.  She looks like her belly button can touch her spine.  No thanks.

These are WAY too masculine for my tastes.  If you can rock these, great for you, it's hard to get this way, it requires a lot of hard work which is admirable.  But it's just not how I'd want my abs to look if I could.  And I admit, i probably can't....

These are just right.  They almost have a little roundness in the middle but not a pooch.  It's womanly and sexy.  Something to work towards, yeah?   

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Surviving Suburbia said...

The model in green is a vicci secret model and she is hosting a pool party I am attending next weekend. You know what that means???? I'll be wearing a cover up!
But she was a beautiful body.
You know who else id beautiful and totally realistic.. Brooklyn Decker. She actually has hips and it looks good!