Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Weekend Recap

Friday after work we came home from work and worked out. The hubs went to the gym and I went for a little jog around Town Lake. Later that night we met up with some friends for a late sushi dinner. Saturday we went to the Bluebonnet Air Show with Christine and Parker and his family.
Parker's grandfather was a P-51 pilot and told us about all the planes and even hooked us up with VIP passes! It made me wish I'd spent more time listening to my grandfathers' stories about the war while they were still alive
We had such a wonderful time and saw so much cool stuff! And Christine and I totally got hit on by an older gentleman who rolled up to us on his scooter and offered us a ride. 
We headed home and then down to the UT campus for a sweet date.  I took Darryl to my favorite Thai restaurant that I used to eat at every Sunday night because the cafeteria at my dorm was closed on Sunday nights.  I came to the realization at this point that DARRYL HAS NEVER TRIED THAI FOOD.  Whaaaaat?  How have I been with this man for 8 years and we've never eaten a meal of Thai food together?  So I helped him figure out what to order and he actually liked it!  Then we went for a stroll through our Alma mater, the whole time remembering all that used to be there.  Lots has changed on the Drag but the campus is basically the same.  We saw Tim McGraw and opener Luke Bryan.  This was also Darryl's first big country concert.

Look how good our seats were?  Darryl did good!
When Tim came out at the beginning of the show, he came out right in front of us and sang "Something Like That" right in front of us!  He did such a great show and sang all my favorites!  I might have fawned over him a tad too much because I turned to Darryl and said, "Wow, he's so hot!" he responded "Yeah, you've mentioned that a few times...."  Haha, whoops!

Sunday I headed down to San Antonio to meet up with Elizabeth for brunch at TRE.  We had a lovely time and they had such a fun selection of mimosas!  Both the food and the conversation were well worth the drive, Elizabeth always is so good at making me laugh. 

After that it was chores and errands and blogging to finish up a super fun and super busy weekend!

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The Waspy Redhead said...

Thanks so much for coming to see me! 2 in the books for 2011 - check us out! Are you getting so pumped for Italia? I can barely concentrate at work because I'm day dreaming about Paris.