Monday, May 30, 2011

Timbuk2 Bag Sale!

A larger version than my pink bag, but look at all the stuff you can put in it!
You may have noticed in my trip recap photos thus far that I am always carrying a pink Timbuk2 bag.  Purchased at REI several years ago, this bag has literally been all over the world with me.  Yes, it's more granola than Gucci, but it's tough as hell and full of pockets and all sorts of other neat organizational features that kept my stuff organized and safe the whole trip.  I had bottle holders for my water bottle and a secret inside pocket where I kept my wallet and passport.  The positioning of this pocket made it IMPOSSIBLE for me to get pick pocketed so I was able to cruise around in comfort with my mind at ease.  At night I brought a small shoulder bag to take to dinner when I wanted to look a bit dressier.

I don't think they make my model any more, but I would buy this or any other bag from them 100 times over and they're having a sale that ends today! 

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