Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Day I Did NOT Go to Capri

One thing I failed to mention in my last post was that as we strolled back from dinner and gelato, I felt like my stomach was having some digestive issues.  I chalked it up to heartburn as we retired for the evening.  Then in the wee hours of the began.  Food poisoning. 

I use that term loosely, Darryl and I ate all the same things and HE didn't feel the slightest bit ill.  I however managed to have the colon cleanse to end all colon cleanses interspersed by bidet vomiting.  You know what's handy?  A bidet to vomit in.  I saw the contents of last night's dinner in reverse as I yacked it into the bidet.  And then I turned on the water and neatly rinsed it out.  How convenient.  How Euro of me to vomit my hazelnut gelato into a bidet? 

By 10 AM the day was starting to slip away and I was no closer to making it farther than eyesight distance from the bathroom.  So I convinced Darryl that there was not much else he could do for me and to go alone to Capri.  So thus I spent this day of my trip weak, slipping in and out of sleep.  My goal for the day?  Consume a banana and a bottle of water and keep it down by the time Darryl returned.

This is the boat Darryl took to Capri.  Or it was Ralph Lauren's yacht.  He saw that too.
Rocks and blue water and stuff.
Darryl on Capri
The chairlift.  That I didn't get to ride.  ::sigh::
 So Darryl came back and showed me all his photos and videos and regaled me with his tales of travel.  I told him that I managed to shower while he was gone.  I didn't mention that it was huddled up in a ball sitting on the floor of the shower.  So sick.
Me and my chamomile tea
 So he helped me get dressed and walk a short distance to the closest possible cafe.
Darryl's pizza, I couldn't look at the food on the other side of the table, made me queasy.
Minestrone, cures what ails ya.
I had my tea and my soup and I managed to keep from barfing at the sight and thought of the other food around me.  Mercifully, I was doing considerably better the next day.  The next installment, Positano, my road to recovery, solid foods, and other things.

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