Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day Trip to Pompeii

The next day we woke up bright and early and hopped a commuter train to Pompeii.  It was a tad bit overcast and rainy so I was nervous, but it all worked out in the end.  Pompeii was probably our favorite stop of the trip.  It was A LOT bigger than we'd anticipated.  Glad I wore comfy shoes!
Entrance to Pompeii

Standing in the road in Pompeii
The city is amazingly preserved, you can even see where the chariot ridges worn into the streets that are still there!  Here I am standing on the rocks that were used for pedestrians to walk on when they would flood the streets to clean them.  If you've spent time in Pompeii having volcanic dust blown in your eyes every 5 seconds, you'll understand why.
D with his headphones in, listening to his Rick Steves tour

Bodies preserved from the eruption

More streets of Pompeii....

Bakery, these things ground up the flour

Darryl in the Pompeii version of McDonalds
 We learned that the women traditionally prepared the meals for their families starting early in the day, but this took ALL day, so only one meal was prepared and eaten in the home.  The rest were taken in these sort of fast food restaurants.  There were counters with holes in them to hold the hot food.  I made Darryl stand in one.
Me reading the guide book in the amphitheater

One of the homes and its grape orchard

Large theater

More roads and stuff, and Vesuvius

Naughty fresco in the brothel

Brothel bed
The brothel was interesting, the prostitutes were called "She-wolves" so the brothels are called Lupinars.  The frescoes were believed to either be "inspirational art" for the clients or a "menu of services".  The beds didn't look particularly comfortable, but then again, they weren't meant for sleeping....

We were not prepared for how huge this place was, all there was to see, and all the rich history there was to take in.  We went back to Sorrento and our hotel and had a long nap, but I spent most of my time Googling all over the internet to learn more about Pompeii.  I'd love to read a book on it, so freaking interesting!
After we'd recharged for a bit we went to watch the sunset over the Bay of Naples.
We strolled back down to the small marina for a fresh seafood dinner.
Sauteed zucchini appetizer

Eating over the water at the Ristorante Bagni Delfino

Darryl's yummy lobster ravioli

Sorrento at twilight

Fresh sea bream, local, right off the boats

After a lovely romantic dinner served by some of the nicest servers we met on our entire trip, we strolled back to the hotel, but stopped and got gelato on our way of course. 

Chocolate art in the gelato shop, they put Obama on Mt. Rushmore....in chocolate

This gelato was really good!
I'm so glad that this day was so amazing, because the next day was freaking rough.....and all that food I just showed you I ate?  Yeah, I saw it again.  It.  Was.  Ugly. 

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