Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Having recovered from my bout with food poisoning/a stomach bug (oh irony of ironies, I write this post at home on a work day as I was stricken with a similar episode starting last night, but alas, no bidets to barf in).  So the day after the Capri trip I did not go on, we departed for Positano. 

Still hadn't quite conquered solid foods yet, but thankfully didn't get sick on the bus ride.  Beautiful views!

Overlooking the sea.  Still feeling kinda weak.

We meandered our way down to the beach, reading the Rick Steeves guided tour the whole way down, poking our heads into all the little shops along the way, brousing through brightly painted ceramic pottery and linen dresses.
Beach!  I laid there for a while, then we decided to try and introduce me back to solid foods.

Bruscetta.  This place was one of the best places we ate on our trip.

Darryl declared this the best lasagna he'd ever eaten.

Spaghetti putanesca.  This dish hails from this region.  Not usually my first choice on the menu, but I figured, when on the Amalfi coast.......It was great!

View from the Foreiner's Club at sunset
After some more random toodling around and shopping, I was fairly tired.  We considered continuing on to Amalfi, but we were fairly content to head back to the hotel for a nap and fresh clothes.
Next we checked out the Foriener's Club in Sorrento which has amazing views of Vesuvius, live music, good eats, and good cocktails.  You'll note that I reintroduced alcohol into my diet prior to essential nutrients, such as meats and other proteins.  What, champagne is an important part of a balanced diet.  Don't judge.
The Foreiner's Club is a notorious hot spot for wedding receptions, so as we dined we were treated to one of the most spectacular fireworks displays courtesy of one of the wedding parties. 

Enjoying limoncello and tiramisu, enjoying the fireworks

Thus ends my recap of our Amalfi Coast leg of our trip.  My impressions?  Despite the stomach issues, it was probably my favorite leg of the trip.  The sea breeze, Vesuvius in the distance, the smells and sights of fresh citrus everywhere.  Don't even THINK about skipping the Amalfi if you get a chance to visit Italy.  It was amazingly relaxing, beautiful, and SO romantic!

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