Tuesday, October 25, 2011

PSA For All Wannabe Preggos

Before I got pregnant, I thought I was a very clever girl.  I thought, "Hey, flowy tops and dresses are in right now, I'm going to stock up on them and look at the give they have through the stomach!  I'll totally be able to wear these when I'm preggers!"

Fast forward to now, 18 weeks, my coming to terms with the rib cage expansion.  Last week I put on my Anthro shirt dress that I got last Christmas and almost sent back because it was so big, but decided I could make it work by belting it.  Yes, the boob buttons were tight, but hello, pregnancy boobs, not too bad, went down another button and BAM, before I even got to the tummy button on the full skirt, the rib cage button got the best of me.  AND since it's on your rib cage, no amount of sucking in or abstaining from gluttony is going to help you.  Today, put on my flowy Anthro top I got for my birthday last year.  Same dilema where the sash wraps above the tummy.  That little button was hanging on for dear life while my tummy remained hidden under the flowing layers of fabric.

So there you have it, bubble burst.  Unless it's a mumu, you're not going to be able to wear it when you're knocked up if it doesn't allow for some stretch, even if it was rather big on you to start with.  ::sigh::  I'm sure Anthro will start making maternity wear right after I'm done having all my kids.

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