Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

We went to our doctor's appointment a couple weeks ago and found out the happy news that we are having a girl!  Now that we've had some time for it to sink in, I've gone into full tilt nursery planning mode.  I suppose a vision board or Pinterest would come in handy here, but instead I've decided to vomit my vision all over this blog.  Behold, the inspiration for my color scheme from Pottery Barn Kids:

Pink, green, white, and khaki will be the main color elements.
Since we hope at some point to also have a boy, the main elements of the room will be white and green with interchangeable accents in pink.  I want it to look like a little girl's room but I also don't want to spend a fortune to change the gender on it later. 

I found these curtains from Pottery Barn Kids also, but they came with a hefty price tag.  So I'm taking a page from Young House Love and going to see if my mom and I can make our own curtains and bed skirt out of some similar fabric I can find.  Can anyone recommend a good fabric shop in Austin beyond the obvious JoAnn's or whatever?

Also from YHL, I adore their crib choice.  It's reasonably priced from Walmart and stylish.  Plus they have already done the legwork on their blog to match the stain color on the drawer, so I'd like to refinish our existing dresser in our guest room to match.  I plan on getting pink and/or green sheets for the bed. 

The matching changing table for the crib from Walmart was like $300.  This changing table from Ikea is less than half the price.  I've been looking a few options at Ikea that I've been considering hacking into a changing table, but a trip to the store to gauge actual usability is in order first.  Our friends generously gave us a mobile to hang on the crib, but I'd like to get something a bit craftier and schmancier to hang from the ceiling over the changing table so the baby has something to look at in both places.

As far as the room is concerned, we'll be scraping down the popcorn ceiling, painting the dark blue walls of our guest room khaki, adding white crown molding and a ceiling fan.  Finally I'd like to get an area rug that's either green or pink so the little munchkin isn't crawling around on the hard floors and add some white floating shelves to display books and stuffed animals and whatnot. 

The last piece of the room puzzle is the glider.  Gliders, in my opinion, are a horrible travesty against furniture.  All the ones that I consider to be reasonably priced (less than $300) are hideous eyesores that I am loathe to allow in my house.  Gliders I do not find aesthetically offensive typically cost $800-$1100.  I'm not about to drop that kind of coin on a chair that I cannot later put in my living room, that I will essentially own and use during a short window of my life, my child bearing years.  So, I'm still looking for a solution for that, I've considered some plain rockers and some other recliner style chairs as alternatives but I've heard so much from new moms about how important a comfortable glider is for middle of the night feedings, it's one area that I'm willing to sacrifice form over function.   Still, I'm hoping to start combing consignment shops for something a bit more attractive.

The glider I wish I could justify.
The reasonably priced glider that I will endure and enjoy the extra $600-$900 in my bank account.  That's a lot of money!  Can you imagine what all I'll be able to do with that money? 

So there you have it, we have a plan for the baby girl's room.  We won't start putting the plan in motion for a couple more months, but at least I have some sort of vision and direction for it, which is unusual for me.  Can't wait for our little bean to be born so she can be in awe of her mommy's mad decorating skillz (that she essentially ripped off from YHL and a variety of other blogs, what?  At least I'm honest?).


The Waspy Redhead said...

This is so precious! I think it will turn out just darling. I'm not much of one for home decor (having always rented and not having a budget that matches my tastes and an aversion to DIY) but I do get all dreamy thinking about nurseries for some reason. I think it's because you can be all bold and whimsical in a nursery in a way you wouldn't be for another space.

Congrats again, can't wait to see you!

Christine said...

Love it!