Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Weekend Recap


My parents came in from Houston to help us with baby prep stuff.  We had a yummy BBQ dinner of food my parents picked up in Elgin and then went to Lowes to get supplies for our weekend projects.  Darryl was kind enough to replace our kitchen sink faucet since it was corroded and getting dangerously close to breaking.  I kept imagining it breaking off on a Tuesday night and a giant geyser shooting up in the middle of the kitchen.  Replacing the faucet was really the last thing that needed to be done for our kitchen makeover, so I was glad to finally have it out of the way!


My mom and I went on an Ikea adventure and found a great changing table that matches the style of our nursery and was under $70!  Sold.  We came home to find D and my dad working their way through restaining the guest bedroom dresser to match the nursery based on a project I saw on Young House Love.  Turns out Sherry and John, they are not.  It ended up being a difficult project, but they persevered.  After Ikea my mom and I ran some errands together and then went through the GIANT box of hand me downs from our friends' little girls.  We are so lucky because they had the most beautiful clothes.  My mom kept exclaiming how much better dressed my daughter is going to be than me!  Since we were given clothes from newborn to 12 months, I ordered a set of baby closet dividers and hangers on Amazon.  When they come in I'll be able to hang all the pretty dresses by age range.  Then my mom and I practiced swaddling my childhood baby doll using Youtube videos and directions from Happiest Baby on the Block.  We took a dinner break and then D and my dad put the crib together in the living room.


The dresser still wasn't going great, the stain wouldn't dry so we decided to just leave it for a few days in the garage.  D put together the changing table and we rearranged the guest bedroom furniture to accommodate the new baby furniture.  At this point we realized a major miscalculation on our part.  There was no way to fit the crib through the doorways from the living room to the nursery.  So then poor D and my dad had to pull it apart and put the parts, defeated, into the nursery/guest bedroom.  My mom and I spent some quality time getting my closet situation under control. 

All and all, it was a productive and busy weekend, but I'm sure D will be glad that we don't have another one like it planned until January when we paint the nursery and start getting it set up for real!

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