Tuesday, December 27, 2011

27 Weeks

Here I am at 27 weeks, in my last week of my second trimester during the last week of 2011!  Everything is definitely getting bigger, Santa brought me lots of maternity dresses and some bigger maternity jeans.  I'm finding some of the ones I originally bought that were incredibly too big are now laughably small with a serious "crack" issue when I sit down.  The time has come for full belly coverage on the pants and I've set my wardrobe up for these last 3 months to be all about the mumu and less about the pants. 

My nausea seems to be getting worse, I've been doubling my anti-nausea medication, which has been helping and so far it's only dry heaves, no actual vomiting.  Everything looked good on our last ultrasound, I have my glucose test next week.  Now that January is upon us, it's time to get down to business completing the nursery, finding a nanny, registering for baby shower gifts, and getting everything in its right place by mid-February. 

I can't travel anymore, per my doctor's orders, as of Valentine's Day so I figure it's best to have everything squared away so if she comes early, we won't be taken by surprise.  I can feel my stomach expanding upwards, doing things like bending over to dry my hair or shave my legs are becoming increasingly uncomfortable, not to mention how I picture squishing the baby while doing those things.  I'm also super burpy, which I think is terribly unattractive, but not much I can do given my current situation. 

Cooking and grocery shopping is easier, I can now grocery shop alone without someone to help me get the food products that gross me out.  I can buy raw meat again and have no problem preparing and cooking red meat.  Chicken still makes me heave so D has to do all the prep work for me so I can just slide it right into the pan.  I still can't face the frozen dinner aisle, so if D wants these, he knows he has to go to the store himself to get them.  But I'm back to enjoying cooking and have been making some delicious creations such as smoking a chicken on the grill, roasting a prime rib with gravy and mashed potatoes, and all sorts of chili.

I am looking forward to March, when our little girl is ready to be born and I will finally have my body back!   

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The Waspy Redhead said...

You are lovely! It's crazy to see someone I've known since we were 19 preggo with their first baby! I love it.