Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Non-Alcoholic Alcoholic Beverages

Since I'm pregnant and have been majorly missing my occasional beer, wine, or cocktail, I've been exploring a few low-alcohol options.  Let's start with the beers, shall we?

First, I tried the old stand by, O'Douls.  I drank this in college when I had to give up the hooch while recovering from hip surgery (took 9 months, not my first dry spell, I've done this before).  D thought it was weird that I awkwardly told the checkout girl that I was only drinking it because I was pregnant.  I can't have someone thinking I would actually drink that crap normally, okay?  I like beers, good beers, legit beers, like Young's Double Chocolate or some other hand crafted microbrew that makes me seem all awesome for liking it.

It's probably the easiest one to find out at a bar, I've ordered it a couple times on 6th street.  Not as good as a Dos Equis (which is what I try to pretend I'm drinking when I drink it) but it scratches the itch.  The thing I've found with most of these non-alcohol (or low alcohol, less than 0.5% by volume) is that they don't go down as smoothly as their alcoholic counterparts.  Mostly, you have one and then you're full, do yourself a favor and switch to water. 

This weekend I found Kaliber at Spec's.  Kaliber is made by the same people that make Guinness.

I like Guinness and I saw another preggo buying it, so I figured I'd give it a shot.  It wasn't great, it really had a strong molasses taste.  D said it tasted like they'd poured syrup into water and encouraged me to not feel bad about tossing the whole six pack.  This is a normal reaction I think from someone who can actually drink real beer.  Good beer.  When your options are crap or crap, you learn to be less picky.  Note that they store a lot of gluten free beers in the same refrigerator unit at Spec's as the non-alcoholic.  D had to point out to me a number of times that I had an armload of gluten free beer that would indeed, still get me drunk.  But if you don't do gluten, rest assured, there are options out there for you apparently.

Christmas eve I tried Sutter Home's alcohol removed bubbly from their Fre line of wines.
It didn't taste anything like a brut sparkling wine I'd ever had, but I tolerate the sweeter sparkling wines quite well and it was nice to have a bit of bubbly in my hand all evening and I bet it would go nicely in with some orange juice for a faux mimosa.  Again, doesn't go down as easily as the real thing, I can easily toss back an entire bottle of champagne by myself, but slogging through an entire bottle of this was a bit much.  That being said, I still like this better than say a bottle of sparkling apple cider, though, any bubbly port in a storm. 

Finally, for New Year's Eve, I found Ariel Wines at Spec's.  I'd read about these wines, they seemed pretty legit and I was excited to try them. 

I bought a bottle of chardonnay to have on my birthday in a couple weeks and a bottle of the sparkling for NYE.  I ran into the same issues with Ariel as I did with the Fre, too sweet (but the Ariel was less sweet), didn't go down too easily, but I think it was better and I'd prefer to buy Ariel than Fre in the future.  I haven't busted open the chardonnay, my big 3-0 is in a few weeks and I'm saving it for that. 

So if you can abstain from drinking for 9 months, great for you, I on the other hand, occasionally need a virgin margarita at happy hour, a cold alcohol removed brew at the end of a hard day at the office, or a little something bubbly in my hand at parties to make me feel like my old self again.  Or at least like one of the big kids.  I don't miss feeling hungover though, that is one thing I've decided, is totally played out.  I want to snuggle my adorable baby girl once she arrives more than I want to spend the day lying in bed with a headache.


tiaolou004 said...
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High Heels and Homemade Meals said...

There is NOTHING worse than having a hangover and a baby! It's all fun and games when you get to go out baby less just make sure there is someone there the next morning!!! Baby is like honey badger, it don't give a shit if your hungover!