Sunday, February 26, 2012


Am I the only one who remembers Wilford Brimley's diabetes commercials?  It's pretty much the only humor I'm finding in my current predicament.  So we've had some trouble getting my gestational diabetes under control so this week I got to take an an entire afternoon off from work and spend it bouncing between the endocrinologist to the dietitian to the pharmacy. 

As a result:
  • I now check my blood sugar 4x a day.  This is actually kind of interesting, learning what I ingest and how it affects my BS levels.  All that finger pricking isn't that bad either, I'm okay with blood.
  • I am now on a special diet of low carbs (I mean reallllly low) and high protein (realllly high, I like meat and stuff but DAMN).  It's actually stricter than most regular diabetics adhere to, but then again, I AM answering for another person's blood sugar, so it makes sense.
  • I now give myself insulin shots every night.  I thought giving myself a daily injection would be the end of the world, but it's not bad at all.  I did not freak out at all the first time I had to stab myself in the stomach in front of the nurse to prove that I in fact could handle it and not freak out.
  • And I pee on a stick every morning to check for ketones.  Which is no small feat considering I can't see ANYTHING under my giant belly. 
  • I also learned that I really can't just have 3 bites of a sweet treat and it be okay.  I had literally 3 bites of the brownie D and I made at our cooking class this weekend and my blood sugar was totally out of whack the rest of the day.  Meaning baby girl's blood sugar was too.  Lesson learned.
I'm not excited at all about the diet, I think that's the worst part.  It was okay for the first few days or so, but I'm really getting sick of all that protein.  Pretty much every time I put food in my mouth it has to be accompanied with a serving of protein.  Thank goodness I adore cheese so much, otherwise I'd be miserable. 

Most of all, I'm trying to keep the end in mind, our beautiful baby girl and appreciate all the people who fight this disease every day, who don't have a light at the tunnel 4 weeks away where they know they can devour cupcakes again.  Diabetes is no joke and it's something I totally took for granted until now.  This week I'm looking forward to:
  • Interviewing pediatricians
  • Infant CPR
  • Breastfeeding class
  • My first cervical exam, finally time to start the weekly exams!
  • A lunch with all the ladies of the office before I potentially go into labor
  • Our baby shower!  I have a new dress and an appointment to get my hair did just for the occasion!


Marsha said...

Sorry about the GD, I had it as well, but I thank god it wasn't as bad as you have it I would have been the big B! I was able to control mine with diet alone, I did have a melt down a few times and say I am just so hungry. But when I went to the doctor and saw I lost 5 lbs in a week (needed to) it was nice to see the hard work pay off and the numbers were down. For me also the positive came when I gave birth 6 weeks early and my little man was 5lbs 12oz I was glad I had it or he would have been tiny. Good luck with everything and yes soon you will hold that precious little one and think wow what was I complaining about.

Janet said...

My goodness lady, good thing you are on the home stretch! Sounds like this has proven how strong you are, having to do things you probably never thought you would have to do.

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