Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spearmint Baby Feature

One of my favorite baby blogs is Spearmint Baby and one of my wishes totally came true last week, our maternity photos were featured in their "Show Your Bump" post!  It totally made my week, especially since I was so hesitant to take maternity photos in the first place! 

Today is my due date, the doctor is monitoring my situation closely because of the gestational diabetes, having me come in for non-stress tests and ultra sounds every few days, but we are hopeful that I'll go into labor on my own. 

If I haven't given birth by this weekend, I'm looking forward to posting photos of the nursery.  It's all done!  We're all stocked up on everything we might need, everything is washed and put away.  It's so odd to have a whole room of furniture and possessions set up for a little person we haven't met yet.  It started out a little shaky with the bright yellow walls, but it's become a cheery spot for our new addition.

I've decided not to take any crazy measures (or not so crazy measures, basically, I'm not messing with it) to induce labor, my doctor doesn't believe in any of those things and has advised me to get plenty of rest.  We are hopeful that they will allow me to continue to carry the pregnancy through the weekend until Monday (unless she comes on her own first).  Our doctor doesn't consider me a candidate for an induction at this point (I appreciate the fact that he's conservative about this procedure and am starting to understand that his stance is rare) so our only other recourse is a C-section, which despite my earlier pregnancy feelings, now that I'm staring the prospect of one in the face, I don't take them lightly. 

So here we are, limping along with lots of extra monitoring (but despite the GD and the insulin, everything looks really good, so yay!  I am nervous about all that, but I trust our doctor), with our fingers crossed that Mother Nature allows my body to do what it was designed to do either on its own or enough to make me a viable induction candidate before the C-Section becomes inevitable.

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