Monday, April 2, 2012

Nursery Reveal

Here we are folks, the big nursery reveal.  Finally we are done!  First of all, we
 have our crib.  You will note that this is the same crib as seen on Young House Love.  They did a lot of crib research and wrote a lengthy blog post about it.  I was like, "Wow, they really invested a lot of time and thought into this whole crib thing.  That looks like a lot of work and their crib looks pretty awesome.  Sold."  For more information, read their post.  We got it at Walmart.  The paint color is Olympic's Butter which has grown on me.  We all agree that the paint color looks much better now that the room is complete and I think our baby will find the room cheery.  The mobile on the crib is a hand me down from a friend but you can find it at Pottery Barn Kids still.  Sheet is the Hayley collection sheet from PBK.  Crib skirt is a pink gingham skirt I found at Walmart.  Originally I had wanted the matching Haley crib skirt for 3x the price, but I put it on and you couldn't really see it so I figured cheaper and simpler were the way to go.

I won't talk much about the decal on the wall, yes it looks fabulous.  We got it on Etsy, but I wasn't happy with the seller (thus will not be plugging them) and left them negative feedback.  Plus some of the vinyl shrank, showing gaps between the segments of the tree trunk (which we fixed with a furniture scratch repairer crayon thing) and some of the leaves seem destined to fall off.  Also, the color scheme wasn't quite what we requested.  For the $100 we paid for it, not tragic and still adorable, but come on Etsy seller, WTF?

The rug I found online at Target.  The glider was a source of great angst and anxiety but fortunately we were able to find one with white wood for basically free.  We had planned to buy a $500 leather glider/recliner we could eventually use in our living room at the Room Store but when it came time to check out the glider A) was not in stock and B) they would not allow us to pick it up.  We'd have to pay $60 for delivery.  Yes, we are some cheap assholes.  We said thanks, but no thanks, and peaced out.  Next thing you know, we're walking our dogs and we come across this little stray chihuahua that develops a crush on Ginger and will not let her walk more than 5 steps without taking his nose out of her butt.  So we pick the little guy up, call his owner, who said his roommate must have let him out.  We kept the little guy at our house until he could pick him up on his way home from work.  As he's leaving, he hands D a $100 bill.  We stand in our living room stunned, I mean, holy crap, we're just doing what we hope other people would do for us, that guy must really love his dog!  So next thing we know, we saw this chair on Craigslist for $85, Darryl went to pick it up and we had $15 to spare!  When we're done, we'll probably sell it on Craigslist again and it's pretty nice and comfortable.  It retailed new for around $300 so that's cool. 

Next we have our book shelf full of books from Target and owl book ends from Pottery Barn Kids.  The table is one that I've had since college from Ikea that D painted white.  The lamp is really similar to the PBK one we registered for and didn't get, so I found one that looks EXACTLY like it at for literally a third of the price.  Seriously people, go to  Plus shipping costs like 15 cents or something stupid cheap.  The whole crib was like $15 in shipping.

The curtain IS from PBK, a registry gift from my mom.  I think it was worth splurging on this item since it blacks out the window and I couldn't find a cheaper substitute anywhere that had the same look and function.  We saved money by only using one panel since our window is kind of small.

The dresser is another Ikea throwback from my college days that D and my dad painted white.  The changing table is also Ikea.  It's pretty sturdy and less than $70, so you can't go wrong.  The bins are pink gingham cubes I got from the Container Store. 

The Noah's Ark embroidery over the dresser is something my mom made while she was pregnant with me and hung in my nursery, so we reframed it for my baby.  Below it is my beloved childhood doll Lolly and the Sleep Sheep we got from our registry as a gift.  On the changing table is my childhood Cabbage Patch doll who has served as our "stunt baby" while we practice things like swaddling and breast feeding holds.  She basically fills in wherever Ginger and Petey cannot. 

The mobile is from another Etsy seller.  This design is called "Isabella".  You can save yourself a ton of money buy buying their kit and stringing it together yourself.  I did not do this (much to D's annoyance).  I just saw myself with a tangled jumbly butterfly mess, sitting in tears on the couch after 6 hours of trying.  I am not crafty.  So I bought it pre-assembled and it arrived in perfect condition.

We are so excited to bring our little girl home to this room!  Of course, she will be sleeping in our room for the first couple of months, but soon enough, she'll transition in here and I hope she'll adore it as much as we do!


The Waspy Redhead said...

I love it so much and I can't wait to meet your little girl!

Amber said...

Love the butterfly mobil and the wall color look great!

Christine said...

Looks awesome! It came together so nicely!

Melizza said...

It looks so sweet and cheery.

Congrats on welcoming your little girl into the world(I learned through Twitter, of course)!

Janet said...

It turned out just perfect! I love all of the details, nice job!