Tuesday, June 19, 2012

But I Am Le Tired....

Anatomy of the other night.

1:30 AM  Harper wakes up, fusses, I feed her and put her back down.

2:00 AM  Our air purifier's (i.e. the GREATEST WHITE NOISE MACHINE EV-ER) fan motor seizes up.  It lasted 10 years, it's had a good run.  I use Sleep Sheep instead which will run for a maximum of 43 minutes at a time.

3:30 AM D snores, I kick him.  H fusses, but goes back to sleep.  I get up and turn the Sleep Sheep back on.
4:00 AM H Fusses, I feed her again.  I turn the Sleep Sheep on again.

5:00 AM H fusses, I curse the damned toy designer that made the sheep only stay on for 43 minutes.  I go on Amazon.com and purchase a new air purifier.  I curse the fact that I will have to make it through two more nights like this until the new air purifier arrives.  I turn the damn sheep back on again.

6:00 AM The dogs bark to get their breakfasts.  H shifts around.  D gets up to let them out and feed them.  I turn on the MOTHER EFFING SHEEP AGAIN.

7:00 AM I finally give up and wake up.  Darryl blow dries his hair and packs for his business trip.  H doesn't even stir or make a peep. 



The Waspy Redhead said...

This is sweet and funny and I'm sorry you're tired. I miss you and I can't believe I haven't met H yet. When would be a good time for me to come up?

Christine said...

I love you. Don't worry the new machine will get there. In the mean time get a back up one so the sheep can go to hell.