Thursday, July 26, 2012

Anne Taylor Loft Flash Sale

I've been coveting this dress from Anne Taylor Loft, but been hesitant to invest in it as I am still currently working off the baby weight.  Why invest in a $90 dress that will hopefully be too large for me in the next few months? 

But then it occurred to me that when I did lose the weight, it would be perfectly okay to have the dress taken in.  Genius! 

Still I felt guilty about the purchase....but then I got a raise at work and asked D if it would be okay to get it to reward myself.  Also genius.

And then I checked my email this afternoon at work and saw that I had an email from ATL saying 50% off everything in the store until 7 PM.  This was the last sign I needed, I went there after work, fought my way into a dressing room (flash sales are a little nutty), though I briefly considered just stripping in the middle of the store to try it on if I couldn't get a dressing room.  All the good sizes were sold out, but luckily there was a size 6 on the mannequin (vanity size much?) and they took it off for me, it was a perfect fit and I then was free to claw my way to the looooong line at the register with my spoils and 30 minutes to spare.

I probably could have made a killing on other stuff, but I tried to stay focused like a laser beam and just come in for the dress and then get out with my wallet in tact.  It pays to sign up for store mailing lists I suppose!

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