Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Day in the Life...

Monday night after work I ran to the nail salon and got my fake nails taken off. They were gorgeous but the upkeep was rather expensive. Since your nails are usually a mangled mess after having fakes applied and then ripped off, I treated myself to a manicure. I'd forgotten how cheap those things are only $15! I never get them because I'm a chronic nail biter and there's generally nothing to polish. However, since they've been protected by the acrylics for a whole month, they've grown out to a very manageable length. Not too long so they'll break, but not so short they make polishing a joke. I even got a super trendy color, which is very unlike me as I generally stick to neutrals. I've often scoffed at girls with super dark nails and now I have joined their ranks and I kind of love it. I feel like camera crews from The Hills are just waiting for me around the corner.

Last night I met up with some of my lady friends and we tried out the Blue Star Cafeteria. Super yummy, one of my favorite new finds. I had the Chinese Chicken Salad, a couple of Pom Seccos, a fantastic cup of coffee and I shared a slice of Tollhouse pie with the gals.

Also, it looks like the Hey Cupcake they're building on Burnet is finished! For my birthday in lieu of a cake I want 1 red velvet whipper snapper from there.

Today I'm trying to decide how to spend my evening. I think I'm going to run home after work to feed the doggies and eat a light supper then head to the gym for my Couch to 5K 30 minutes of running/walking followed by a quick errand, then home to do copious quantities of laundry so I can leave work a bit early tomorrow to pack and get the dogs ready for our Thanksgiving journey. Yes, this sounds like a plan.

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