Thursday, December 18, 2008

New Dishwasher!

Estimated repair cost on our dishwasher motor was over $400, so I had to shoot it. Not really, I just paid the repairman his analysis fee and sent him on his way. Then I went SHOPPING! Here's what we got:

Whirlpool, stainless steel, SheerClean™ Direct Feed Wash System, ENERGY STAR® Qualified, Quiet Partner™ I System, NSF® Certified Sani Rinse Option, Super Capacity Tall Tub, Auto Soil Sensor, 2-4-6 Hour Delay Wash, etc.

I was irritated that the salespeople couldn't provide me with decibel information on each of the models, some places had it on the price tags. One guy suggested I "look it up online". Dude, are you not familiar with the whole decibal concept? I would like to not need to wear hearing protection when I'm running a load of pots and pans. One woman suggested we stick a radio in each and compare how easy it was to hear. I want numbers lady, I am a scientist! I went to 6 different stores, but I managed to find it at $100 below MSRP and negotiate a faster installation date. They were going to do it on Friday, but urgent matters came up and I can't be home, so Monday it is!


Jenny.Lee said...

Very nice!

Victoria said...

woo hoo! congrats, it's super cute. I got my new washer and dryer yesterday and am in love. a good day for appliances.

Elizabeth said...

glad the international nightmare of the dishwasher is coming to an end.