Monday, March 9, 2009

Confession Monday

While I have tons of fodder for my Confession Monday, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Sorry my pretties :). Some edited photos coming soon....

I will share this nugget with you. So I had to go through my checking statement to figure out what kind of damage I did in Vegas (I will be honest, I didn't exactly keep track of my finances). I withdrew $240 from the ATM (and apparently paid $11.25 in ATM fees at the Playboy club, WTF? Good thing my bank reimburses for those...). There is $110 dollars in my wallet. I recall paying for a ton of taxis and my airport parking, all in cash and I recall winning roughly $235 in penny slots (yes, I continue to be awesome with the slots). So I guess I'm just wondering, what the ef? How'd I come home with so much money?

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Milltini said...

hope you had a fab time in Vegas!