Sunday, March 22, 2009

Shopping Finds

First, I had to do a little something for my bridesmaids who are throwing my shower (note that I am timing this post to pop up on my blog during the shower, so unless they're looking at my blog during the shower revelry, we shouldn't be ruining the surprise) for hostess gifts. I went nuts trying to find something at VS that didn't smell too stripperish. I am now obsessed with it and kicking myself for not picking one up for myself. I also got them tubes of lip plumper. I read the VS ones are pretty decent and don't cause the crazy burning sensation that most give you, so I hope they like them. My mom picked up the dress below for me at JCrew to wear on my honeymoon. We decided that black looked best on me and I got to buy it in size SMALL. Yay weight loss! I definitely feel sexy in it, which is a honeymoon must. I have a great gold starfish necklace I got from Old Navy last season, but then lost, but then found again when D moved in. Boo on losing stuff but yay for finding it and having it be a perfect compliment for your other clothes!

Finally, I got this number from Banana Republic (40% off and also a size small!) for the rehearsal dinner. You can't really see the neckline because it's marred by the scarf, but it's a perfect airy dress for me in a color that I have not represented in my wardrobe, especially in my dresses.

I felt a little guilty buying more dresses (I have an insane dress fettish) but I'm also realizing we'll be on our honeymoon for 7 nights, plus the rehersal dinner, so that means I need 8 separate dresses. While I easily have those, they aren't all sexy-honeymoon-in-Jamaica worthy, so I think one more dress (perhaps a maxi dress?) is in order. I'll keep my eyes peeled.

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Jenny.Lee said...

I think dresses are going to be my summer staple. I love your new ones!