Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wine Find and Rant

D and I have discovered our new favorite wine as of late is none other than Menage a Trois, which I believe I paid $8.99 for at World Market. What a steal! I'm relaxing post workout with a glass of it now, trying to resist my delicious leftover tres leches in the fridge. Why people don't make tres leches more often is beyond me, if you can pour milk on a cake, you can make a tres leches, easiest dessert ever.

And now I go into my rant, I saw an interview with the author of Busted on either Today or GMA (I get them confused). He was a New York Times economics reporter and managed to become a victim of predatory loans. I was infuriated as he told how he fell "victim" to these unscrupulous loan people. Seriously dude? I am pretty sure I was the biggest ditz to ever buy real estate (during the peak of these sorts of practices) and yet I didn't fall victim to that crap. I bought what I could afford. Yes it's not a McMansion, it's a small 3 bedroom in a modest 'hood. I don't live in a super trendy area or on a golf course because I couldn't afford it. Why is it so hard for people to admit to themselves that they can't afford things? What is up with America's sense of entitlement and excess. A) I didn't need a bigger house, even if I could afford one, I'm one person! B) I had a good income, but I also recognized more living expenses would mean beefing up my emergency savings fund and saving up for stuff like appliances and furniture so I didn't have to eat on the floor of my new house. Yes it was hard financially, I don't think I bought any new clothes for myself for an entire year, all my stuff was hand me downs from friends. I had to make sacrifices, but I didn't get in over my head. And now I'm supposed to bail these irresponsible people out? Granted I will because foreclosures in my area devalue my home price, but it's total crap.


Kate said...

Menage a Trois is one of my favorites as well! My sweet mom wanted to use it at our wedding and I had to let her in on the sexual connotations of the name!

Jennifer said...

I love fun wine finds! I'll have to try that!

And I tagged you!

TexasLauren77 said...

I could not agree with you more on the housing market collapse. I'm so tired of bailing other people out!! And for someone who is an ECONOMICS EXPERT FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES??? REALLY??? The guy should get fired from his job because he clearly knows nothing about economics.