Monday, July 27, 2009

Wanted: One Black Strapless Bra

Ugh, I'm going to a wedding this weekend, I found the perfect strapless little black dress and now I can't seem to find my black strapless push up bra, GRRRRR! It's like, how do I lose a bra? I'm not out whoring it up, my bra only comes off at home and in the locker room at the pool and I'm typically there on work days, thus not wearing black strapless push up bras to work and I think I'd notice returning to work sans bra.

I've looked under the bed to see if one of the dogs made off with it, I checked my drawers, my closet, my laundry basket. WHERE ARE YOU WHEN I NEED YOU! I refuse to wear my nude one because if that dress starts to shimmy south it's Exposed Bra City. I'm going to do a sweep every night until Friday, then I'm going to buy a new one. Suck.


Jennifer said...

Haha I've totally had this problem before. Good luck finding it!

Victoria said...

I have a horrible time finding a good strapless but I've had success with VS Biofit 7-way bra. I pretty much just wear it as a strapless. The band is wider and really holds the girls in place. GL!