Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend Recap

Friday:  Went to HH with coworkers, then went over to a friend's house for more food and drinks.  Called it a night early while Darryl went to a fraternity alumni event downtown.

Saturday:  Worked on my garden some more.  I planted another bed of corn (the first bed is already sprouting, how exciting!) and planted some flower seeds in the other beds.  I'm planting lots of flowers all over to hopefully give me a good supply of cuttable flowers all summer.  I love fresh cut flowers, but they're too dang expensive!  We also built some mesh fences around the gardens.  Some of my corn failed to sprout and there was a lot of disturbance in the soil.  I suspect the terriers had a hand in stomping my little seedlings.  I'll give those areas another week before I replant.  Saturday night we went down to Cannoli Joe's (where I got a free t-shirt) to carb load before the Cap 10k.  It's not a very diet friendly place, but it sure it delicious!  I really enjoyed eating there with all our friends!

Sunday:  Christine and Parker picked Darryl and I up and dropped me at the starting line.  They cheered for me after the first mile and at the finish chute.  Those were really well chosen places because the first was just before the major hill climbing sequence that the race is so famous for and the second was after I had just hit the 6 mile mark and was starting my sprint to the finish line.  Lately my hip flexors have been killing me at the end of and after my runs (anyone got advice?) and this event was no exception.  But I managed to finish in 78 minutes and 21 seconds.  And I had a lot more energy throughout the race and my calf which ached for an entire month (I had surgery on it years ago) after last year's race isn't really sore at all.  So I would say that I finished the race with a faster time and a much better endurance than last year.  My goal is to shave a minute off my time each year :). 

After the race we went to Sagra and downed lots of mimosas and brunch. I came home, soaked my tired legs in a fantastic eucalyptis scented epsom salt bath that my friend Janet gave me for my birthday and relaxed.  Tonight Darryl came and helped me grocery shop (I feel good but am admittadly more sore, tired, cranky, than usual so having him help was great) and then we made dinner, whole wheat quinoa with asparagus and chicken sausage.  Now he's doing P90X, I'm eating Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia and considering if it's acceptable to chase it with a beer.  The diet of an elite athlete?  Not so much with the booze and the dairy, but I am going to enjoy the fruits of my labor today.  Then it's back in the saddle tomorrow.  Step one.  Get a bike.  It's triathalon season.



rena said...

Congrats on your run!

Amber and Trey Collins said...


Vic said...

Good job! Mmmm I love me some Sagra! You may want to try a piriformis stretch after your runs (and maybe before, too). It's #3 on this web page:

Good luck :)

Christine said...

You are a rock star!

Janet said...

OMG is that the hill you had to run up? You are a Rock Star and killed the 10K! It got me motivated to get off my butt.