Thursday, July 29, 2010

Night At Gold Class Cinema

Darryl and I had the pleasure of joining another couple who we are friends with for a night at Austin's new Gold Class Cinema last night to see Inception.  First you check in at the hostess stand and pick up your tickets (I preordered online).  Then she will take your credit card and open up a tab for the entire time you're there.  Then she seats you in the bar area where your server greets you, gets you started on a cocktail and takes your order for the entire movie.

Here we are waiting for the movie to begin right after we were seated.  The chairs are big and comfy and they'll bring you a pillow or blanket if you want.  Your table has a button on it that you can push while the movie is running if you need anything.  I had the hubs use it to order me a fresh glass of chardonnay.

For dinner, we weren't super hungry because I'd made some minestrone soup before we went, but we still had an appetizer and a dessert which we split.  The appetizer was the crispy spinach, artichoke and Gruyere petite croquettes with a marinara dipping sauce.  The appetizer was good, but I thought the filling could have been more flavorful.  The dessert was the house made beignets with a raspberry and dark chocolate dipping sauce.  I LOVE to get these at Taverna so I had great expectations.  These were not great, they tasted burnt, so I didn't even fight Darryl for the last one.  I'd say the food was unimpressive and in no way compares to the Alamo Drafthouse, but it wasn't terrible either and I thought it was forgivable given the luxurious ambiance.  I mean, if the food was stellar, I'd be going nuts trying to go back.  But given the total price tag of the night, I think this will be for special occasions and out of town guests only. 

However, if you want to make the most of the experience, here are some tips:
  • Join the members club, it's free and your tickets are $7 cheaper, plus you get a free ticket on your birthday.
  • Mondays your first drink is free.
  • Tuesdays there are special members only pricing on food and drinks.
  • Arrive 30 minutes early to get your first cocktail and place your dinner order, though I thought ordering just the first course and the last and having a light supper at home was a genius way to save a couple bucks. 
  • Reserve your seats in advance, this theater sells out on the popular movies.  I thought this place would tank since it's so expensive but we had a hard time getting tickets, especially on the discount nights!  Plan ahead!

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Janet said...

I've been wanting to hear from someone how Gold Class is. Sounds cool, a little pricey, but cool so thanks for the how to save tips