Sunday, October 9, 2011

Maggie and Lee's Wedding in Wimberly

Last weekend D and I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of my good friend from elementary school (and junior high, and highschool, and college, and as young professionals in the ATX before she moved away), Maggie. Maggie and Lee really know how to throw a wedding. It was held at Old Glory Ranch and was the perfect setting for a fall wedding. And we were blessed with perfect weather, the first weekend in a long while where it wasn't scortching hot. When we left, the thermometer on the car said 59 degrees!!!

When we walked out of the chapel, to the string quartet playing "The Eyes of Texas", we were greeted by these adorable little donkeys carrying buckets of beer.
Here's Darryl looking sheepish with the awesome donkeys. He loved them and I reminded him that I had recommended them for our own wedding cocktail hour but he shot them down. Now who's sorry? Beer donkeys are freaking awesome.

The Old Glory Ranch floral design was unbelievable. I should have taken more pictures, but I was ill prepared with only D's camera phone. Look at how fab these fall floral displays are. And they were ALL over the place. Clearly no expense was spared on the floral design. One of the most beautiful weddings we've ever attended.

Cocktail hour.
Maggie the beautiful bride and my preggo self.  First time a stranger has asked me when I was due, I'm starting to show!  We had to leave a bit early to take care of our dogs and get my preggo behind to bed, so we didn't get to see their grand exit, but I hope to see it in the photos from their photographer's website!


Jill said...

aaaah! you look so cute!! i want to see lots more preggo photos. even though i know you said you don't want to make this a shrine, some of your people (or maybe just me) kind of demand it. ;-)

blorriepoes said...

aw cute bride indeed!

cool stuff!
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