Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Magic of Childhood

I came across this idea online today, mostly from someone's twitter feed making fun of the idea, but I think this is an absolutely darling idea, a little door for the Tooth Fairy!  After a bit of googling I found a number of vendors on Etsy that carry these, but my favorite was from The Enchanted Door.  It comes with this little door, a vial of fairy dust, a story about the tooth fairy you can read to your child at bed time, and a song to sing to your child before you go to sleep to let the Tooth Fairy know to come and collect the tooth. 

I just imagine how cute it will be to mount this little door near the baseboard of Harper's room, near the nightstand and how big her eyes will be the first time the Tooth fairy comes and she wakes to find fairy dust sprinkled around the door and on her bed.  It's looking forward to moments like these that make me so grateful to be a mamma, creating the magic of childhood.

One day, I'll teach Harper what my mom taught me.  How when you go on walks in the forest you should stop along the way and build little houses out of twigs and leaves and rocks for fairies to sleep in at night.  I can't wait for all the wonderment that I will get to experience again through our little baby's eyes.  Now all she needs is to grow her first set of teeth!

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