Saturday, May 3, 2008

Petey's First Kill

As I was heating up some dinner last night, I looked in the backyard to see Petey chewing on something. I also noticed a few bluejays squawking and dive bombing him. I threw down my fork and ran outside to see that Petey had captured one of the chicks in the family of 3 chicks that had been nesting in my loquat tree. The other little chicks were hopping around, mom and dad were freaking out, and just as I ran up to Petey clapping and yelling "NO NO NO" (my neighbors next door witnessed this whole thing), Petey realizes that the back door is open. Next thing I know, I have him cornered in the guest bathroom, the little bird weakly chirping for its life. Needless to say, the bird didn't make it. He's now outside, continuing to terrorize the bluejay family, but what can you do? He was bred for small prey.

Rest in peace Bluejay chick #3.

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william (皓) said...

that is horrifying.

why are there no pictures?