Tuesday, July 8, 2008

It's Official!

Darryl and I are engaged! He popped the question on our hotel balcony in Cabo! Now we're in the throws of wedding planning and consolidating our stuff into one household. Thusly, I have not updated in a while. Below is a picture of me on the ATV we rode around for hours on the gorgeous beach in Cabo. Besides the engagement, it was truly a wonderful trip, our hotel was FABULOUS and Cabo is unbelievably gorgeous.

D moves in this weekend, so every night, Petey and I have been going through the house, clearing out space for him. Last night in a fit of crazy, Petey flipped his bed over on his back so only his tiny paws were sticking out and he went wobbling around the living room until he finally hit the coffee table and the bed fell off. It was too damn funny to run and get the camera, so alas, no pictures. But I'll be ready if he does it again.

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