Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Eagles!

D and I saw the Eagles play in San Antonio last night, AWESOME. They truly are "the band that time forgot", such a good live show, up there with U2 as the best 2 concerts EVER. There was no opener, they went on at 8:15 and played until 11:30, which was crazy great.

I'm pretty sure this was the setlist, this is what they've been playing in other cities, I didn't take notes, but it looks about right:

1. How Long
2. Busy Being Fabulous
3. I Don't Want To Hear Anymore
4. Guilty Of The Crime
5. Hotel California
6. Peaceful Easy Feeling
7. I Can't Tell You Why
8. Witchy Woman
9. Lyin' Eyes
10. Boys Of Summer
11. In The City
12. Long Run


13. No More Walks In The Wood
14. Waiting In The Weeds
15. No More Cloudy Days
16. Love Will Keep Us Alive
17. Take It To The Limit
18. Long Road Out Of Eden
19. Somebody
20. Walk Away
21. One Of These Nights
22. Life's Been Good
23. Dirty Laundry
24. Funk #49
25. Heartache Tonight
26. Life In The Fast Lane


27. Take it Easy
28. Desperado

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