Monday, November 17, 2008

Confession Monday

I eat like a disaster and I totally skipped out on the gym last week. On Sunday I got another fortune cookie that said "Work on improving your exercise routine." What the f&%k fortune cookie?!? Are you judging me for scarfing down that huge plate of fried rice? Is this Panda Express's passive aggressive way of pointing out my thighs are a little more ample these days? Who wants to hear about how they should exercise after a junk food meal? Assholes. I fed the cookie to my dogs, Ginger tried to eat the fortune, I almost let her.

In related news, I started my Couch to 5K plan today, great success! I ran the 20 minute interval work out with a bonus 2 minute stretch where I kept running. I did it on the treadmill at my hotel (I'm on a business trip to fabulous Tyler, Texas) which I think is easier than running in real life, but I'll take it. Suck on that Panda Express!


Kristen said...

Good job on the running! By the way, I don't think cat meat has too many calories so you're probably in the clear with that Panda Express.

Grosgrain Bride said...

Tyler is fabulous, huh?! Good to know.

Also, WTF, Panda Express?! That's just bad business... :)