Friday, November 14, 2008

Santa Baby

So I got 2 more emails today, one from Bath and Body Works announcing their friends and family 20% off weekend and another from JCrew announcing their Fall 50% off sale. Damnit. So to prevent myself from doing anything rash (I loaded up my online shopping cart more than once today with cashmere dresses, but failed to push the purchase button) I sent my Christmas wish list to my mother. I feel like this is genius because A) she likes to shop way in advance so these sales will still be relevant when she's shopping and B) I have actual tangible items for her rather than a list of gift cards and C) I'll finally get a freaking cashmere dress!

One of the things on my wish list for Darryl, him washing and detailing my car. I fantasize about that every week.


GrosgrainBride said...

damn that jcrew! i am so jealous of your cashmere dress.

thanks for stopping by! xoxo

Elizabeth said...

I call it cart abandonment therapy... I have been engaging in this behavior for years. Its great because you can just get everything you want and in several colors and then come to your senses and close the window.