Monday, November 10, 2008

Craptastic Monday and Weekend Recap


  • Accomplished zero cleaning, instead laid around in my new robe watching Grey's Anatomy. Then Lyra came and took me to the Spirits Reunion mixer at Scholtz's.

  • Forgot to eat dinner. Lack of dinner combined with cold medicine plus a beer and a glass of wine made for quite a show. Thank God Lyra was driving.


  • Dragged myself out of bed, met the exterminator in my robe. Maybe this was tacky, maybe he was embarrassed, but it was 8 AM on a freaking Saturday. This cannot be the first time you've seen this.

  • Made "To Do" lists for D and I to get ready for the party.

  • Started cleaning, for about 4 hours (with a Taco Shack break).

  • Took my parents to Mighty Fine Burger upon their arrival, watched part of the UT game there.

  • Came home and napped for 2 hours.

  • Had the BEST engagement party ever. The decorations and food were fantastic. We had a GREAT time with our friends and my parents made sure everything went smoothly. Petey of course peed himself 2x in his crate, as is his habit when he doesn't want to be in there anymore, so my dad and Darryl had to clean him up and his crate.

  • Slept on my bedroom floor after the party. Much as D tried to get me into the bed, I was not having it. When I get the spins, my happy place is on the floor with a pillow and blanket. I woke up to Petey snuggled up against me, such a sweetheart!


  • Dragged my very hungover self to Spirits brunch with my parents. I always knew Spirits was a great organization, but hearing the other alumnae's stories through the decades made me really realize what a prestigious organization I was a part of. I'm so proud to have been a Spirit and I hope my daughter(s) will want to be one as well if they go to UT!

  • Bid my parents farewell, at which point D and looked at each other and said "BED". We spent the rest of Sunday lying in bed, eating party food leftovers, and watching a marathon of Gossip Girl.

Here's how the dogs spent Sunday:

Ginger loves to sleep in this spot. We hate to kick her off when she looks so cute, but we also don't want our chair to start stinking like dog. Note that Petey is in the green bed in the back like a good boy :).

Monday AM

  • Woke up early to get the week started right. Only to be sidelined by my car, which wouldn't start. D had to come back from work and jump start my car. Then he took it to work and I drove his. I HATE driving stick in Austin traffic, but it wasn't as bad as I remembered it being. Way to start of the week at a deficit.

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